The Ivemanifest Podcast

My Personal Healing Journey : Releasing Fear, Doubt & Shame

August 16, 2023 Sheila Mella Season 2 Episode 32
The Ivemanifest Podcast
My Personal Healing Journey : Releasing Fear, Doubt & Shame
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Show Notes

Hello sweeties! I'm super grateful to be sharing with you all another part of my personal healing journey! If you have been listening to the podcast for a while, you will know that this isn't our first rodeo with chakra healing. But today, I am sharing with you my newest journey I am diving into and what it entails.

Podcast Summary :

  • My new healing journey & what it is
  • The events I went through that led to these current blocks
  • The reason for this growth
  • The spell I used that helped this journey begin
  • The synchronistic events that have been occurring
  • Personal stuff about this healing

Thank you so much for listening, soo much love to you!

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I love you so much, thank you for being here and I will talk to you again soon!

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