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Two Powerful Mindful Tips / Why Being Mindful Is Important

July 16, 2021 Sheila Season 1 Episode 2
The Ivemanifest Podcast
Two Powerful Mindful Tips / Why Being Mindful Is Important
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Hello my loves! In today's podcast, I will be talking about the importance of mindfulness and practicing being in the present moment, and two powerful tips to being mindful and being in the present moment. I'm so happy to be sharing more podcast with you all. Please be sure to donate to my patreon so I can continue making these podcast for free. Thank you so much for tuning into another episode of The Ivemanifest Podcast

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I love you so much, thank you for being here and I will talk to you again soon!

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Two Mindful Tips / Why Being Mindful Is Important

[00:00:00] Sheila Mella: [00:00:00] Hey guys, welcome back or welcome to, to the Ivemanifest   podcast. I'm your host, Sheila. And in today's podcast, we're going to be talking about tips on being mindful, what mindfulness is and why it's important. And my two most powerful tips on how to practice mindfulness. So what is being mindful and being here in the present moment?

[00:00:22] Well, it's being here right now, experiencing life with your eyes, your ears, all of your senses. Tuned into this current reality, not thinking about the illusions of the past, the illusions of the future. Simply focusing on the now what's currently around you. The scenery, the smells, the feelings being mindful is tonight.

[00:00:44] And to those present moment, realities, those current frequencies existing infinitely right now and nowhere else. But here. Looking at the illusion of time and realizing it's just numbers that do [00:01:00] not exist. But what does exist is this present moment. You are sitting, you're standing, walking, driving, cooking, whatever you are doing right now, stop for a second and take a deep breath in and just listen, smell feel.

[00:01:16] And that is the present moment that is being mindful. Now being mindful. And in the present moment is. That has been going on for centuries. It has existed longer than we know. And when no one knew what time was or they invented the actual like stamp and date of time, they were just there for the moment, you know, looking at the sky to get an idea of when at nighttime is coming or when the sun is rising.

[00:01:45] And that's how they could tell another infinite existence of the present moment is occurring. We hear of mindfulness and many meditation practices, but when we try to embody that feeling during meditation, there is a [00:02:00] loud and what seems like an unstoppable force called thoughts. They seem to run around endlessly looping through one dimensional place to another.

[00:02:11] Seeing how fast it can jump to four different topics and less than four seconds, it's a bit overwhelming. I first heard of mindfulness and that practice back in eighth grade when I had my first virtual awakening or expansion. And I'll get into that in another podcast episodes about my spiritual awakenings and other things.

[00:02:33] Um, but the idea of sounded amazing when I first heard it. Like here's the concept. Okay. You practice on being mindful in the present. Yeah. And after practicing it good enough or long enough, you'll actually have no thoughts running around and your thoughts will become still, your mind will become still and everything is just going to become still.

[00:02:54] It's going to be a plane of the infinite now, and you'll feel so much more [00:03:00] calm, so much more relaxed and connected and one with the universe and change everything. Now, this is a lot for an eighth grader or a 14 year old. But I tried it anyways. And guess what? It didn't work. Not at least at that moment, but I went on to many different spiritual wakenings and expansions after that.

[00:03:21] And because I believe you can experience multiple different spiritual wakenings depending on that current reality in your life. It's not until right now, like seven years later that I am 21. I am finally experiencing and understanding what that all means and what being in the present moment and being mindful of what can actually do for me, for other people.

[00:03:44] I wanted to talk about tips on being mindful and my two most helpful and powerful ones that have helped me practice skill and make it a bit easier to embody. I'm not by any means completely mindful all the time, but since practicing these [00:04:00] steps, I definitely have found moments where I can simply decide.

[00:04:03] I do not want to think about anything and it actually happens well, mine genuinely turns off and my thoughts become completely silent. They do not control me or have this override button anymore. And I can tell them when to shush, when I want and went to roam free and I can allow that to happen. And it's not a problem.

[00:04:23] But once again, this isn't all the time, and this is part of that journey that we are on. And speaking of the journey, we will talk about that. Podcast episode, but let's learn and expand to gather. So I want to say another thing about mindfulness is that, um, if you have anxiety or you think and overthink a lot, this would be really helpful for you to practice as well.

[00:04:48] Because that was one of the main reasons I got into mindfulness was because of overthinking and it was really overwhelming and it kind of puts a damper on everything when you. [00:05:00] Get your mind to like shut up for a second. So my first tip on practicing mindfulness is find a trigger. I know that might sound weird in a sense, maybe not.

[00:05:11] If you're familiar with the concept of triggers, being helpful for shadow healing and others approachable uses, but one of the most helpful tips is finding a trigger. This trigger is in the sense of being mindful is going to help be your alarm basically to be. So every time you see the trigger, you're going to stop and take a moment and breathe.

[00:05:33] Look with your eyes, your senses, um, and use your senses to identify the present moment and your surroundings. So you can choose whatever trigger it is that you like. Let's say every time you see the color red, that's your trigger to stop and be mindful. Or whenever you see a certain traffic sign, like a stop sign, this will be your trigger.

[00:05:53] One thing I will say about the trigger. It shouldn't be something you see often, so color or a certain thing in your current reality [00:06:00] that exists often and daily. Now, when you see this trigger, you must stop and reflect not on the trigger itself, but you could, but the current moment you were experiencing ask yourself, what am I seeing right now?

[00:06:13] What am I feeling right now? What is my physical body feeling? What am I feeling emotionally? What am I doing right now? What am I smelling right now? What am I hearing? When you're asking yourself these questions, say them out loud, if you're alone. So you can hear yourself when you speak. If you're not alone, then do them in your head, but make sure to give all your attention to the answers, to those questions, be sure to embrace all the things your senses are giving you and tune into them.

[00:06:42] Using a trigger to be mindful is very useful because you begin to start connecting with your surroundings, your body and your senses. And when you are in the present moment and you can experience them and this infinite. You are being connected to the universe and her most precious moment, which is the eternal [00:07:00] now.

[00:07:00] And because you were using your senses and you're attaching yourself to your physical body, which is incredibly important because we are living a human experience right now and not a spiritual light of energy and a ball. We are humans. And when connecting to that idea, it makes us so much more powerful as creative.

[00:07:21] And especially when it comes to co-creating with the universe and her powers, it amplifies it, all the other tip for being mindful is meditation. And I know you were expecting that one. You had to have been expecting that one. We all know how important meditation is. There has been countless and countless of studies showing how it is incredibly beneficial for the mind, the body and the soul.

[00:07:45] So using meditation and mindfulness is another powerful tool in learning how to be present. Right. The meditation technique is honestly very simple, but it does require practice just like the other tip using a trigger. You'll have to practice it [00:08:00] daily and eventually it will become a habit. I promise you, it will try to meditate in the morning after you eat breakfast already.

[00:08:08] And you did your journaling or scripting or exercise. I find this the best way because although I do different meditations during the week, whenever I know I'm going to do a meditation about being mindful. And not just one about manifesting, I'm able to get a lot of my thoughts out through journaling.

[00:08:26] So when I try to be mindful during my meditations, it's a lot easier. Now, if you can do this in the mornings, and again, later in the day, that would be so amazing. But if you can't, for some reason, then just stick to a mindful morning meditation each morning until you feel more comfortable with it.

[00:08:43] Because at some point after using the trigger tip and this mindful morning meditation session, You'll be able to step into the present moment and enjoy a still mind without having to take time out of the day to meditate or waiting for that trigger to alarm you to step into [00:09:00] that mindset. It's a really amazing thing that our brains could do once we start or to use them in habitual patterns or, or try to teach them new things anyways.

[00:09:11] So here's the meditation technique. Sit comfortable on a chair on the floor. Wherever you can sit down and feel your feet on the ground. Or even if it's comfortable sitting with your legs crossed is also one of their arms. So you could do that too. Whatever you feel most comfortable doing, you want to start off with a minimum of 10 minutes with this meditation and build yourself up to 15, 20, 30, and so on until you can get hopefully up to an hour long meditation.

[00:09:39] I'm up to 20 to 30 minutes right now, sometimes 45. If I just let myself get lost in the infinite now. And you're going to close your eyes, let your arms fold gently on your lap or next to you on your sides. You're going to have your palms facing upwards and you want your arms to be very loose and free.

[00:09:57] Um, that's what we're aiming for. I also [00:10:00] want to mention, if you can find a YouTube video that's 10 or 15 minutes long with just a meditation music, that will also be really helpful. I find using a timer is kind of a lot. And ruins the moment, but a YouTube video with relaxing meditation music really helps too.

[00:10:16] So if you want to try that, you definitely can. If you really wanted to get into the present moment, don't use any music at all or any timers and really just listen to your surroundings. Even if it's the fridge humming or dogs barking outside, you'll be surprised that you can easily reach a meditative state like that also.

[00:10:36] Okay. So let's say you're playing a 10 minute meditation video and you, yeah. You want to close your eyes and get into that relaxed meditation pose, sitting freely and relaxed. Then you are going to take a deep breath through your nose and a deep breath out through your mouth. This is a key in becoming mindful during this process.

[00:10:54] When you're breathing in through your nose, pay attention to your body and to feel your body [00:11:00] as it slowly lifts. When you inhale and slowly comes back down, when you actually. This is incredibly important to really tune in with your body's movements as you breathe, but you are not trying to force this movement.

[00:11:14] I know sometimes we can easily push our chest up and forward when we inhale, but you don't want to do this. You just want to allow your body to move freely and effortlessly as it feels to whenever you inhale. Now while doing this, your thoughts will probably start to scatter and begin its usual game of, you know, Ooh, let's see how many topics we can jump on.

[00:11:37] But when it does start to jump, come back to your inhale, focusing on that inhaling breath. You want to literally consciously tell yourself in your mind, come back to the inhale. And once again, focus on your body's natural movements. As you inhale and focus on your body's natural movements as you. Allow your body to come [00:12:00] into its own free state, as you breathe into it and allow your thoughts to connect with those movements that your body makes too.

[00:12:06] I want to emphasize again, that you were not controlling your body. You were simply breathing and allowing it to move as it wants. If you feel any pain or discomfort, instead of ignoring it. I actually want you to realize that it's there, but with your eyes closed. I want you to move your body in a swaying motion, kind of like a snake from your hips to your head.

[00:12:31] Then come back to the meditation pose and continue to inhale and exhale. This allows any discomfort or build up energy to move. And as you continue your breathing, I promise you it will disappear. It's going to take some practice, but I really want you guys to know that with everything in life, it takes practice.

[00:12:49] And the more you do it, the easier it'll be. Being mindful is so important because it allows you to be present in this moment and experience life, instead of just passing you by. I talk [00:13:00] about how manifesting is scary and my other podcasts, because you can't control all your thoughts and the law of attraction as with all the universal laws are always existing and happening regardless of your acknowledgement of it or not.

[00:13:13] But when you are mindful and you practice being mindful in the present moment, you can actually control a really good majority of it. And when you can be still in the present moment and not think of anything, you won't be manifesting anything except your feelings. So if you could feel good in the present moment, when you're connecting to the beauty of your surroundings, the blessings that you have right now, you can manifest more of those good feelings.

[00:13:40] I hope you guys find these two tips, helpful and start using them in your daily life. If you guys enjoyed the podcast, please be sure to leave a review. I would truly appreciate it. Oh, so I leave my Patrion link in the show notes. If you guys would like to donate to the podcast, it really helps me out and creating more of these episode for you guys for free.

[00:14:00] [00:13:59] I have a lot more exciting stuff coming to Ivemanifest. So be sure to follow Ivemanifest on Instagram for podcasts, updates, and new upcoming stuff. I'm really happy to have you guys listening in, and I hope you have a beautiful day and a marvelous day, and I will see you guys in the next episode.

[00:14:16] Bye.